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NY Clash Girls Fastpitch Softball

14U Jefferson Fall Ball League Guidelines

Jefferson Fall Ball League

12&u and 14&u Division

The following is a list of the guidelines for fall league for the 12 & 14 age groups.

Rules: Utilize ASA Rules for league.

Rule Exceptions / Clarifications:

Cinderella batting – all players in attendance are allowed to bat (player not need be in the field to be in batting order Roster size of 15 not enforced - (.i.e. you can grab some kids from rec to fill in if you’re short players). However, we will only provide 15 trophies at end of season.

Free substitution of players in the field. Re-entry rule not in effect.

40’ pitching distance.

Pitchers can also re-enter freely (i.e. – One pitcher can pitch innings 1 & 4 another 2 & 5 and the third 3 & 6).

Host team to provide umpire/fees will be split by both teams.

14 &U will play a 7-inning game – Mercy at 12 runs after 5 innings (4 if winning) or 8 runs after 6 innings (5 if winning) unless coaches want to continue until time limit.

12 &U will play a 6-inning game – Mercy at 12 runs after 4 innings (3 if winning) or 8 runs after 5 (4 if winning) innings unless coaches want to continue until time limit.

Courtesy runners for catchers and pitchers allowed. Should use player off the bench. If there are none then last batted out.

9. Time limit: No new inning to begin after 1 hour 45 minutes.

Schedules: To be published after meeting: Team schedule conflicts will be taken into account. The schedule will be written to accommodate the best we can. The schedule will be designed to have a doubleheader on weekends or single games on Friday and another one Saturday or Sunday. No games during the week.

Make up Game Procedure: Games, if the involved teams elect, will be made up on the Sunday following a rain out. The home team of the rained out will provide the field and umpire. Games will not be made up if the reschedule does not permit. (The two coaches should agree to the makeup date.). As a policy, it is recommended that the Sunday pattern be used by all teams for make-ups.

End of Season Tournament We will have a single elimination tournament at the end of the season. Based on field availability, First round games may be held at member’s sites. The league will pay for umpires during play-off and championship game. Supply game balls and trophies for first and second place teams. Team position in play-off’s we are determined in the following order; Winning Percentage (%), Head to Head and then run’s allowed. After that would be flip of a coin. The team competing in the end of season play must be the same team that has played in the Fallball program at the 12/14 under level.